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The Pioneer Street Corner Acappella Groups

Those that Performed and Recorded
 before the Persuasion's 1971 "We Came To Play" Capital LP

Beaudaddy's reference material - from my personal collection of books and LPs

- Special Thanks to -

Eddie Gries of Relic Records, Wayne Stierle of Snowflake Records, Stan R. Krause of Catamount Records, Ronni I of Clifton Records, - for all their LP Notes -

Some of my books include:

American Singing Groups - Jay Warner, Acappella Street Corner Vocal groups, Abe Santiago and Steve Dunham, They All Sang On The Corner - Phil Groia, Doo-Wop - Forgotten Third of Rock 'n Roll - Gribin and Schiff, Complete Book of Doo-Wop - Gribin and Schiff, my Bim Bam Boom Collection.


  1. Hi! This is Ed "Rockin' Richard" Marcus. I co-produced the "Philadelphia's Greatest Acappella" LP in 1967 (see my credit on back cover), I also released the now rare Rendezvous label six song acappella EP. I was a customer at Times Square Records from the early 1960s and compiled and printed the last best- sellers list there. I also released the Edaphonic rare songs EPs in the mid-1960s. I went to most of the mid 1960s acappella concerts, and owned record stores in Atlantic City and Philadelphia, and was a professional radio announcer for over thirty years. I've got a good memory of the history of group harmony, and would be glad to answer any questions that I can about the music.

  2. Hey Fellas! Great Blog! Especially loved the Stan Krause stuff and the stuff on Fourteen Karat Soul. I have a blog about Doo Wop as well would love it if you'd fallow and weigh in. Thanks for all the wonderful information!
    -Matt Beld

  3. There is a not very well known song on youtube it is acappella, it is called Love is The World by The Chessmen, we used to sing it after school at Taft High School in The Bronx, A guy named Devon and two of his group knew it I had no idea then who had recorded it ,but it was fun to sing .So catch it on youtube The Chessmen, Love is The World, acappella.
    Eddie Black, first tenor/lead The Five Sharks


  4. The Five Chancells
    The Five Chancells were formed around 1964 in the Bronx N.Y. Eastchester Housing Projects(low income). We were a crew of friends who wore leather jackets(not the motorcycle type) and chased girls. We loved the music of the late fifties and early sixties and so decided to sing those songs. In late 1964 we met Phil Rosanno who was the owner of Dawn Records. We auditioned for him and were signed to a recording contract. In 1965 we recorded Love No One But You/ Please Let Me Love You. Dawn 102. Later re-released on the Fellatio Label 103 They were recorded at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. In 1966 we recorded the songs Gee but I'm Lonesome, You're Driving Me Mad, Book of Love, All Night Long and The Ten Commandments of Love at Fordham University in the Bronx N.Y. The Fordham U songs were released on the albums Pantomine 2002 Acappella Classics Vol 2 and Snowflake1002 Stars of Acappella Vol 2. The group members were Jaime Enriquez R.I.P.-Lead Vocals, Steve Willette Bass, Falsetto and second Lead on You're Driving Me Mad, John Spinosa-Baritone, Vinny Rumbaoa-2nd Tenor and Tony Donnatien-1st Tenor
    Eddie Black, first tenor /lead The Five Sharks and Beaudaddy ,Blog Master!!

  5. Hey, Thanks Eddie. I'll be back soon with some stories after my Cataract Surgery. Oh boy sounds like Fun! Have to drink Cool Aide first I believe. I'll give you a call before the week is out in any event. Here's lookin' atcha ! Steve Willette - Five Chancells

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