Monday, June 24, 2013

Del Capris - !964-1967

Beaudaddy Presents the Pioneer Acappella Group
The  Del Capris
Jersey City, NJ
An Acappella Street Corner Vocal Group

Jim Esposito (Bass baratone)
Tony Piazza (Second tenner)
Mike Nolan (First Tenner)
Simon Cufta (Lead)

July 8, 2011
My name is James Esposito Jr. My father James Sr. Esposito was a member of the group The Del Capri's from Jersey City NJ. James Esposito and Mike Nolan are still alive. Mike is a police captain in Patterson NJ last we heard. We have the original FULL album my father recorded in Hackensack NJ. Acappella Unlimited! Vol. 1 Presenting the Del Capris.

Jersey City acappella group formed by 
Simon Cuffa(Lead),Tony Piaza(Tenor), Mike Geazo(2nd Tenor & Lead) and Jim Malin Keyes(Bass).

From the mid 1960's when acappella was at its height, 

AMBER Records gave us this various artist LP now on CD for the first time. 

20 tracks including the first recordings of Joel Katz and early sides 
by the 5 Sharks featuring the bass voice of Steve Horn, now with the Legends of Doo Wop.

  1. Never - The Autumns
  2. Congratulations - The Valids
  3. Gee Whiz - The Del Capris
  4. Walking My Baby Back Home - The Valids
  5. I Should Get My Head Examined - The Del Capris
  6. Barbara Ann - The Valids
  7. So Much in Love - The Del Capris
  8. Unchained Melody - The Valids
  9. This is My Love - The Valids
  10. The Lion Sleeps Tonight - The Five Sharks
  11. My Foolish Heart - The Valids
  12. One Summer Night - The Zircons
  13. Blue Moon - The Valids
  14. Land of 1,000 Dances - The Five Sharks
  15. Exodus - The Autmns
  16. The Lone Stranger - The Zircons
  17. Up On The Roof - The Del Capris
  18. If I Should Lose You - The Del Satins
  19. Hurry Home - Joel & the Concords
  20. Moonlight In Vermont - Joel & the Concords 

They recorded one single for Amber and Catamount Records
and a complete album for Acappella Unlimited Records.


  1. Hi Jimmy. My name is Larry Fox, originally from The Marion Section of Jersey City, I married Tony's sister Roseann. He recently passed away, just after his 69th birthday, we will always fondly remember "THE DEL - CAPRIS." Luckily we have some of their old recording we have transferred to CD's. May their music live on forever. God Bless them.

    1. I heard about Tony's death and I was sadden to hear the news also. May all the music that was recorded during that time live forever.

  2. Hi Larry very sad to hear about Tony. My father has passed as well last year. The only one I know alive is Mike Nolan. I am happy to say that by some amazing chance REALLY a miracle someone on Amazon was selling the the album and I was able to recover it. When my dad passed away the guy he was living with stole it. He was supposed to send me it but never did. Now I have it back thanks to some guy on Amazon.

  3. Larry By the way the group recorded a commercial for a video rental store in the late 80's or early 90's called Captain Video. Know where I can get a copy of that tune? Thanks. Been looking for that song for a long time.