Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vibrato, The Secret Ingredient!

Vibrato, what is it? Some groups have it, some don't, The Vanilla Fudge to their credit recognized it and capitalized on it with their psychedelic music, Their People Get Ready almost sounds like The Earls gone psychedelic, Well the Earls all had vibrato it can be heard in I Believe , the second tenor can't hold it quite as long as the first on somewhere their is a star , the second tenor being Larry since the lead in the beginning and end is second tenor Eddie Harder, Gloria by Vito and The Salutations is an example of a group with vibrato, Such groups tend to have a richer and a wilder less harmonized harmony , such as The Duprees who's voices had no trace of vibrato though they were great, Groups that had it were more dangerous you never knew what you were getting it had a less programmed energy, Indeed if you had some vibrato in your voice you probably could not get into a group like The Duprees,Singers know what I am talking about I am not talking about the vibrato that afflicts old singers where the vibrato is so shaky you could drive a car between the notes.I would imagine it was used more by groups who started in the street.
Eddie Black first tenor/lead The Five Sharks

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  1. I meant to say such groups with vibrato tend to have a richer, wilder ,less harmonized harmony sound!