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Photo - April 1966 The Groups that Performed and Recorded  before the  Persuasion's 1971 "We Came To Play" Capital LP Beaudaddy's reference material - from my personal collection of books and LPs - Special Thanks to - Eddie Gries of Relic Records, Wayne Stierle of Snowflake Records, Stan R. Krause of Catamount Records, Ronni I of Clifton Records, - for all their LP Notes - Some of my books include: American Singing Groups - Jay Warner, Acappella Street Corner Vocal groups, Abe Santiago and Steve Dunham, They All Sang On The Corner - Phil Groia, Doo-Wop - Forgotten Third of Rock 'n Roll - Gribin and Schiff, Complete Book of Doo-Wop - Gribin and Schiff, my Bim Bam Boom Collection.