Citadels / Vibraharps

The Citadels
Orangeburg, New York
An Acappella Street Corner Vocal Group
Peter Cacciamani -19, Jane Eckerson - 16
Dennis Ostrom - 18, Steve Paglierani - 18

The Citadels lived just north of NYC and recorded 9 songs for the Relic Label.
Jane was said to be the first female to record with a 60's acappella group.

New Love Tomorrow - Written by Steve - When I Fall In Love - When I Work Up This Morning

The Vibraharps

Steve Paglierani, Gus Dimecci, Jack JaHoda, Dennis Ostrom

Dennis and Steve then formed the Vibraharps in 1966

They recorded 3 more sider for Relic
Secret Love - I Hear Bells - A Friend/written by Steve

Dennis became the Blue Sky Boys in 1972
Also sings with the Bonaires