The Bon-Aires
Hackensack, New Jersey
An Acappella Street Corner Vocal Group

"My Love, My Love", "Jeanne Baby", "Bye, Bye", "The Shrine of St. Celia", "Blue Beat", "Driving Alone", "Angel of Love". All songs on the Rust Record label, produced by Neil Levinson ("Denise") and Steve Duboff. Scotty and George were members of the 'Shades', out of Englewood, N.J., before joining the "Bon-Aires". The "Bon-Aires", were originally called "the Difference". The "Difference" auditioned for Bob Hilliard, a prolific song writer, Broadway and Pop, from Leonia, NJ. He wrote all the Ruby and the Romantics songs. He wanted to give us, "Young Wings Can Fly". We sang over the phone, at his house, to his partner in NY. His partner said we were unknowns and gave the song to Ruby. Bob paid for our 1st demo album and introduced us to Neil Levinson and Steve Duboff. The Name Bon-Aire was given to the group by Steve Venet, an A&R man at Columbia Records. 
Bon-Aires - 1960-1965
Dennis Diamond, Scotty McLearie, Mike Paladino and George Lavatelli

Singles :
1962 - Blue Beat / Driving Along (Rust TR3)
1963 - Bye Bye / My Love My Love (Rust 5077)
1964 - The Shrine Of St Cecilia / Jeannie Baby (Rust 5097)
1976 - My Heart's Desire / New Me (Catamount 130)
1976 - Cherry / At Night (Acapella) (Flamingo 1000)
1976 - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind / I Love You (Acapella) (Flamingo 1001)
1977 - The Angel Sang / What Did She Use (Flamingo 1002)

Unreleased :
1963 - Angel Of Love (Rust)


Bon-Aires - 1965-1979
Mike Paladino, Dennis Ostrom, Richie Burns, Kenny Fleming and George Lavatelli

Photo - George Scott


Bon-Aires - 1980-1983
Tommy Vitale, Dennis Ostrom, Richie Burns, Kenny Fleming and George Lavatelli


Bon-Aires - 1984-1987
George Lavatelli, Phil Granito, Tommy Vitale, Ray Block and Dennis Ostrom

Ray Block - I had been absent from the singing scene for many years . Then I got a call from George  Lavatelli asking me to join him.  Dennis Ostrom, Tom  Vitale , and Phil  Granito . The direction was to perform off the beaten path songs arranged by George , the group , and Jack Scandura . We began rehearsals in 1985 and put together a set of great songs which we ultimately performed at UGHA’s 10th Anniversary Show in  1986 . We also did a show at  Symphony Space in New York as part of a show run by Ronnie I headlined by The Turbans . It was a fun time , rehearsing at George ‘s home and having his wife Gail fuss all over us . We really enjoyed each other and many stories were told over the kitchen table. It was a sad day when each of us was notified by letter of George’s decision to break up the group ,stating, that he wished to pursue other interests and wanted the group to end at the top of it’s game.

The Bon-Aires with Skippy Jackson