The Splendids were neighborhood guys from Port Richmond , Staten Island, New York. They sang together for years and had a great sound and were all great guys.  The lead of The Splendids ( lower left, John Vorassi ).

On Jan 16, 2021, I received this update to the Splendids 

 - Eddie F has left a new comment on your post "Splendids":

In the middle of the photo on top is the one writing this comment. Top left is Richie Creighton, me in the middle Eddie Fieramosca, top right is Walter Doyle, bottom left is Johnny Vorassi, and bottom right is Tommy Stanaway. Bobby Miller is the one who signed us and we recorded this song, originally done by the Camelots, Don't leave me Baby at Fairleigh Dickinson University in the 60's.
Currently, Richie, myself, and Walter all are alive and leave on Staten Island and Tommy, the bass, also is alive and resides in NJ. John is deceased. Thanks Mitch for your kind comments. Singing in a group, practicing, meeting other singers, and singing on stage was a real highlight of our lives. Thanks for your kindness.

Eddie F