Ginger and the Adorables
Jill Tordell, Gail Habermam, Ginger Scaglione, Marlane Esser, Mary Tiffany

This group is the first female group to make an acappella recording. They hail from West Orange, New Jersey. The group consisted of;

Ginger Scaglione-Lead.
Jill Tordell-1st Tenor.
Gail Haberman-2nd Tenor.
Marlene Esser-1st Baritone.
Mary Tiffany-2nd Baritone.

This Female group recorded as Ginger & The Adorables for Relic Records in 1966 the sid - He's Gone. and as The Lynettes for Snowflake Records in 1967 the side - When I'm With Him/If You Were Gone From Me. and in 1968 the side - He's So Fine.

They appeared on 

Relic - Best of Acappella Vol. 4, Relic 104

Produced by Wayne Stierle