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Star R. Krause, trained in wildlife and fisheries management, was manning the presses in his dad's record pressing plant - Kay Records. Stan started his Catamount Records label in 1964 with a neat R&B single by a girl group called the Juliettes ("Pretty Boy"/"Uncle Willie") and the Savoys' "Vision of Love"/"Oh Gee Oh Gosh").

I Dig Acappella was put together by Stan and two friends, Bobby Miller who had a small acappella label of his own and "Uncle Steve" Piva who had a radio show called "Oldies Express" on WFDU-FM in Teaneck N.J. The recording was an article of faith in the emerging musical field of acappella and featured groups of varying talents who had recorded on their small labels.

Stan started with amateur groups but went on to more polished performers such as the Royal Counts and The Persuasions and thereby was pivotal in creating today's field of a cappella music. I Dig Acappella features The Five Fashions, The Zircons, The Versailles and the Savoys. He was directly responsible for expanding acappella's tunnel vision.

Stan was an unabashed acappella fan.  he passed in 2016.

Skip Jackson - MC
The Skip Jackson Revue

In 1959 Skip sang with a group called the Shantons and recorded --Lucille / To Be In Love With You on the Jay-Mar label. In 1960 the Shantons recorded --Triangle Love / Lover's March on Jay-Mar and the Christmas Song / Santa Claus is Coming To Town. I'm sure he recorded others on different labels but I can't remember which ones. I have some photos and I'll attach them along with scans of some records I have that may help. As far as Creation Of Love --Calvin And The Catamounts -- Skip did all the musical parts as well as the lead and bass the members of the group were brought in about a month later to do the background . as far as the Bonaire's there were two George Lavitelli did Baritone and Dennis Ostrom did second Tenor the third member was Tommy Krupp of - The Hudson's - he did first tenor. I know this because I worked for Stan Krause at the time and was in the studio at the time they recorded the song.

Skip recorded with the Shantons. On recordings by the Shantons, notice that they were all written by Skip Jackson. His given name was Tommy Brown. Most record collectors ignored the Shantons songs on the Jay-Mar label in 1959 / 1960 and in the mid 1970's because they all thought the Shantons were a white group. Collectors at that time were all interested in black vocal groups so in the 70's Skip's records were worth about 8 bucks each. Skip was also very interested in Jazz like the King Cole Trio. I had some of that stuff at the time so we made a trade. Skip gave me the Shantons records and I gave him The King Cole Trio records. Anyway to make a long story short, word got out that the Shantons were a black group and their value started to increase in value. In 1982, when Skip passed away, they were worth about $75.00 each. The last time I checked around a 1999 Lucille / To Be In Love With You was worth about 1200.00 dollars and Triangle Love / Lovers March about 400.00 dollars pretty good trade I'd Say - Rich

Skip Also Wrote I know My Baby Cares For Me the flip of Creation Of love and Doo-Wopp Disco for Fourteen Karat Soul.

Unfortunately Skip passed away in 1982 at the age of 42.
Rich Zielinski ( Chinko) May 2005 - NipSipOne on YouTube

Wayne Stierle. Gus Gossert, Stan R. Krause

The Groups That Recorded On
Catamount Records

Five Fashions
Royal Counts
Mixed Company
14 Karat Soul
Del Capris



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 Catamount Records 
45 Records Discography
777JuliettesPretty BoyUncle Willie
778SavoysVision Of LoveOh Gee Oh Gosh
100Chris & CytationsUnbelievableGlory of Love
101SavoysIf You Were Gone From MeOh What A Dream
102Five FashionsPennies From HeavenTen Commandments of Love
103Five FashionsSolitaireOver The Rainbow
104SavoysCrazyWhen I Fall In Love
105SavoysGloriaThe Closer You Are
106MeadowbrooksTime After TimeSeems Like Only Yesterday
107Five FashionsMy GirlKiss Kiss Kiss
108MeadowbrooksLover's QuarrelIs Everybody Happy
109FortellsReturn To MeExodus
110ZirconsRemember ThenYou Baby You
111DestinairesRag DollTeardrops
112ConceptsYo Me PreguntoThe Vow
113FortellsSomewhereSomewhere, Somewhere
114Joann & the HeartachesI'm So YoungA Lover's Call
115Del CaprisTeardrops Follow MeMan In The Moon
116Five FashionsAfter New Years Eve
Dave Willis and the Jackson-TonesI'll Be Home For Christmas
117VintageHarbor LightsGhost Riders In The Sky
118CopasWhen I'm With YouHeart and Soul
120Fourteen Karat SoulBoogie Woogie Bugle BoyThe Sun
121Mixed CompanyKansas CityYes Im Ready
130BonairesMy Hearts DesireNew Me - w/music
131Calvin and the CatamountsCreation of LoveI Know My Baby Cares For Me w/music
132MetrolinersI Don't Stand A Ghost of a ChanceYour Troubles Will Be My troubles w/music
736Skip JacksonMicro Wave BoogieMicro Wave Boogie
737Fourteen Karat SoulDoo-Wopp DiscoDoo-Wopp Disco Instrumental
738Fourteen Karat SoulPlease Say You Want meThe Trouble With Love
1957PersuasionsStardustI Could Never Love Another
1958Royal CountsWay Over ThereThats How I Feel

The Catamount LPs

I Dig Acappella

Stan R. Krause and Bobby Miller

1. Zoom Zoom Zoom - Savoys
2. Teardrops - Destinaires
3. Diamonds and Pearls - Five Fashions
4. Church Bells May Ring - Versailles
5. A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening - Savoys
6. Little Girl - Five Sharps
7. Comes Love - Five Fashions
8. Lone Stranger - Zircons
9. She Cried - Rue Teens
10. One Summer Night - Versailles

1. Unchained Melody - Zircons
2. When I Fall In Love - Savoys
3. To The Aisle - Versailles
4. This I Swear - Five Fashions
5. Blue Moon - Zircons
6. If You Were Gone From Me - Savoys
7. Stormy Weather - Five Fashions
8. You Baby You - Destinaires
9. Zing - Chris and the Cytations
10. Ten Commandments Of Love - Five Fashions

LP901 - Royal Counts - Acappella Soul - 1966

LP902 - Cordials - Blue Eyed Soul - 1967

LP903 - Vintage - We Came To Sing - 1968

LP904 - Royal Counts - Acappella Soul Vol. 2 - 1968

LP905 - Persuasions - Stardust - 1969

LP906 - Heartaches - Love Post Love Songs - 1972

LP907 - Fourteen Karat Soul - Lover's Fantasy - 1976

LP908 - Mixed Company - Buzzin - 1978

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Songs of the

Song - Songwriter - Artist

Time - Paul Kyser - Royal Counts
Made Up My Mind - Paul Kyser - Royal Counts
Introduction - Royal Counts
Chim Chim - Royal Counts
Gypsy Whoa - Royal Counts
Got To Get A Little Closer - Royal Counts
A Lovers Call - Heartaches
Change of Heart - Heartaches
Lend Me - George Davis - Vintage
Flintstones - Charles Brooks - Vintage
I'll Never Let You Go - John Taylor - Vintage
The Rose - Vintage
Everybody Says - Cordials
The Trouble With Love - Skip Jackson - Fourteen Karat Soul
Fireball Of Black Belt - Dancer-Quake - Fourteen Karat Soul
Mr. Rock N Roll - Skip Jackson - Fourteen Karat Soul
Lover's Fantasy - Skip Jackson - Fourteen Karat Soul
Doo Wopp Disco - Skip Jackson - Fourteen Karat Soul
Acappella Music-Segment - Mixed Company
Micro Wave Boogie - Skip Jackson

Stan with The Five Keys

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